"jaywalker is a unique and fun little puzzle-bent action game from ancil anthropy....a near-perfect blend of timing, reflexes, and strategy is necessary to get good scores. all in all, an enjoyable and addictive coffee break gem that should delight fans of reflex-based puzzlers or unique action titles. thumbs up!" home of the underdogs

jaywalker's premise is this: a disembodied but vehemently pro-pedestrians' rights head darts back and forth across a busy intersection, causing cars to swerve into collisions, putting as many of those nefarious screeching oil-guzzling monsters out of commission as she can, while gracefully managing to avoid getting hit by them herself.

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(jaywalker is freeware)

jaywalker's difficulty will increase according to how well you do - though there is also an endless mode that generates cars totally randomly, accessed by pressing shift at the title screen instead of the spacebar.

here are some screenshots: (click for full-size)



quickie instructions: arrow keys move marjorie. she can move freely throughout the intersection. cars will swerve away from her, left if she is on their right, right if she is on their left. score 10 points if a car hits a fixed object (the traffic pole or barrel), 50 if it hits another car, or 100 if it hits the wreckage of another car.

jaywalker was created by ancil anthropy

created with game maker 5

sounds from soundrangers